Kheng Ly supports JCCM

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Kheng Ly is proud to support JCCM as the Honorary President of the 42nd edition of ARISTA Provincial Contest. The launching was presented yesterday by BMO Financial Group,  during a beautiful cocktail party at BMO’s salons.

kheng ly at JCCM's arista launching
Kheng Ly at the launching of Arista 2019 by JCCM

ARISTA is one of the major competitions in Quebec to propel business succession in the spotlight. A veritable revealer of talent, ARISTA Provincial Contest is the most prestigious event organized by the JCCM (Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal) each year. It is aimed at young business people from all over Quebec, aged 18 to 40 years old. More than 500 applications are received throughout Quebec each year. The objective of the contest is to reward and showcase the promising personalities of Quebec’s emerging business community, who stand out for their leadership and sense of innovation, be it through their remarkable professional success or thanks to their strong involvement in their community.

Irene Peng of Brivia Group of Kheng Ly
Irene Peng, VP of Brivia Group, at the launching of Arista 2019 by JCCM

About JCCM
Founded in 1931, the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal (JCCM) regroups some 1600 young executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers aged between 18 and 40, supported by about 150 volunteers and backed by major corporates like BMO Financial, Bell, Énergir and the City of Montreal.. Its large networks of young business people and its various events each year help develop and promote the development of the next generation of business professionals.

brivia group of kheng ly at Arista 2018 of JCCM
Brivia Group of Kheng with JCCM at the launching of Arista 2019

About Kheng Ly
Kheng Ly transforms Brivia Group from scratch to a major real estate developer in Montreal. With his experiences, credibility, expertise, and the support of his solid team, Kheng Ly continues to bring his company to the next level, always through hardworking, perseverance, resilience and commitment to help and give back to the society.

kheng ly gives a speech at JCCM's Arista 2018 launching
Kheng Ly was giving a speech at the launching of Arista 2019 by JCCM